Our expertise

Collective bargaining
and collective status

Collective bargaining has long had a central place in the life of companies, and the new rules on the scope of negotiations and the hierarchy of standards make it more than ever an essential tool for their economic competitiveness and their attractiveness to employees.
The specialist lawyers at AGUERA AVOCATS have extensive experience in this field, as negotiation requires mastery of more than just the legal rules:
  • Knowledge of stakeholders
  • Analysis and qualification of the existing status
  • The legal and conventional industry environment
  • If necessary, the denunciation of all or part of the collective status
  • Negotiation strategy and scenarios
  • Anticipation of its possible failure
  • Efficient and accurate drafting of agreements and supplementary agreements
  • The formalism of the negotiation
AGUERA AVOCATS puts its expertise at the service of companies to build and adapt all collective agreements:
  • Hours of work/work arrangements/special work patterns/packages, etc.
  • Fixed/variable/deferred remuneration
  • PPIM
  • Psycho-social risks
  • Professional equality
  • Disability
  • Etc.
AGUERA AVOCATS assists you in the elaboration and implementation of the other elements of the collective statute and in particular:
  • Unilateral undertakings in the absence of or in preference to collective agreements
  • Internal regulations
  • Code of Conduct and Ethical Charter
  • IT Charter and RGPD
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