Our expertise

Workplace injuries & occupational illnesses

Based in Paris and Lyon, AGUERA AVOCATS assists its clients in matters relating to workplace injuries & occupational illnesses.

General litigation

AGUERA AVOCATS initiates the requisite appeals before the Court of First Instance, specifically the social division, challenging decisions related to expense reimbursements, citing both procedural irregularities and substantive arguments.

We also intervene to address the duration of work-related sick leaves, engaging expert medical professionals through the Court of Appeal of Lyon.

Technical litigation

Disability rates and pensions: AGUERA AVOCATS is proficient in handling appeals before the Medical Appeals Board and subsequently the Judicial Court, specifically the social division. We undertake these actions to challenge disability rates that significantly affect employers' financial obligations, including occupational injury contributions. In such cases, we engage the expertise of medical professionals.

Litigation on pricing: We actively represent clients before the pricing section of the Amiens Court of Appeal. Our objective is to contest contribution rates and risk classifications, particularly in scenarios involving the inheritance of legal entities and the establishment of new businesses.

Liability litigation

AGUERA AVOCATS provides defence for companies in cases where their alleged gross negligence is being pursued, working in collaboration with insurance companies.

In this regard, we have adopted a multidisciplinary approach, recognising that the employer's fault encompasses various areas of interest, including:
  • The Conseil de Prud'hommes (security obligation);
  • The Correctional Court (criminal offence).
Litigation involving inexcusable fault therefore requires a global approach with the different specialists of the firm, which is the only way to guarantee optimal protection.

Industrial tribunal disputes

AGUERA AVOCATS defends companies against claims of anxiety-related damages filed by employees who have been exposed to asbestos or other harmful substances. This defence takes into account the unique characteristics of such litigation, including the succession of legal entities over time and the involvement of subcontractors.
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