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Relations & litigation with URSSAF

Social contributions are an important part of the payroll. The issue of proper application of the regulations is therefore fundamental for companies.
Incorrect application can lead to an audit and subsequent adjustment, while also potentially causing the company to miss out on eligible exemptions or contribution reductions.

The annual changes introduced through the Social Security Financing Act, combined with evolving case law, make it challenging to navigate this complex subject.

How can you ensure the security of your benefits in kind? Which plan should be applied? What supporting documents need to be kept?

Who can grant certain preferential rates?

How should the Fillon reduction be calculated?

Which social security regime should be applied to severance pay?

And what do you do when URSSAF refuses to give you your certificate of vigilance, which is essential for concluding certain contracts?

These are all examples of practical issues with a strong financial impact.
AGUERA AVOCATS' team of specialised lawyers will assist you in deciphering the intricacies of this legislation, optimising your practices, and ensuring their compliance. Drawing from their extensive experience in litigation within this field, they also leverage tools provided by the legislator to enhance the security of your company, such as the social rescript.

When faced with inspections, AGUERA AVOCATS stands by your side from the moment you are notified, providing information and support throughout the procedure. They assist you in your interactions with the inspection officer and, if required, the URSSAF director.

It is crucial to establish contact as early as possible. Practice shows the need for dialogue to better understand the expectations of enforcement officers and to make the company's practices more understandable.
In the event of an adjustment and its contestation in its entirety or on some of its points, we assist you throughout France before the courts and appeal courts or with a view to reaching a settlement with URSSAF.

AGUERA AVOCATS also trains you on the conduct of audits, the various stages, the points to watch out for and the deadlines. Training is operational and at the heart of the concerns of companies.

AGUERA AVOCATS has also acquired considerable experience in litigation relating to undeclared work, whether the adjustments directly concern the contributors fined for undeclared work, or the principals under the financial solidarity principle.
These adjustments, which may be made following a report from control agents other than URSSAF (labour inspectorate, police, DREAL, etc.), are often very costly and may concern foreign companies.

AGUERA AVOCATS advises you, assists you in your procedures and also defends you in these areas
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