Our expertise

Employment audits – Due diligence

Compliance audits

The team of specialist lawyers at AGUERA AVOCATS (Paris, Lyon) have developed a particular expertise in assisting companies wishing to ensure that their labour and social security law practices comply with the regulations in force.

This compliance is essential for the legal and financial security of the company, and it also allows it to reinforce its values and image with respect to its employees, clients and suppliers.
In addition to identifying existing social risks, a compliance audit can be used to initiate new thinking on the rules applicable within the company.

The recent reform of the Labour Code presents intriguing opportunities for companies to embrace new tools and adapt to their market, promoting growth and long-term sustainability. Conducting an audit of the current scope and operations of staff representative bodies can facilitate the optimization of future frameworks for implementing the Social and Economic Committee. This, in turn, enables informed decision-making during negotiations with social partners towards establishing and regulating the functioning of this new entity through a collective agreement.

Acquisition audits

The search for increased competitiveness naturally leads companies to expand and grow externally.

AGUERA AVOCATS offers valuable assistance with merger and acquisition operations, focusing on analysing a company's social practices and verifying their compliance with both legal requirements and industry standards.

These operations demand a meticulous approach, necessitating the early involvement of legal counsel and effective coordination among all parties involved. The analysis can be carried out directly within the company to be audited or via a data room. AGUERA AVOCATS adapts to the needs of its clients in terms of process, reporting deadlines, points to be audited and report content.

Considering cultural variations, recognising risks and understanding their consequences empowers the company manager to make well-informed and confident decisions.

Monitoring and compliance

AGUERA AVOCATS also intervenes following the social audit to assist the new employer in implementing the recommendations and eliminating or reducing the risks identified.

In every instance, the identification of social risks not only enhances economic performance but also enables optimal utilisation of an ever more intricate legal landscape.
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