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Since its creation, AGUERA AVOCATS has developed expertise in executing extensive corporate restructuring endeavours for its clients, both in France and abroad.
Since its creation, AGUERA AVOCATS has developed expertise in executing extensive corporate restructuring endeavours for its clients, both in France and abroad.

This includes, first of all, the conduct of collective economic redundancy procedures, the most complex of which require the preparation and implementation of job protection plans or voluntary redundancy plans, whether autonomous or not.

This now includes assistance in the implementation of alternative restructuring methods such as collective bargaining agreements and collective performance agreements.

The firm's expert lawyers specialising in restructuring are trained in negotiation techniques and their clients can be assisted from the early stages of preparing and then conducting negotiations, irrespective of the specific framework in which they occur.

The firm is also involved in the sale of companies, whether partial or total, while effectively managing all associated social matters.
Over the years, the partners specialising in this field have cultivated an approach that is pragmatic and meticulously honed from a technical standpoint, owing to legislative changes and interactions with other prominent participants in such operations. They steer clear of standardised and preconceived solutions, instead actively collaborating with their clients. By investing ample time in meaningful exchanges, they effectively guide the process, unearthing the fundamental elements that foster a comprehensive comprehension of each project, transcending the surface-level aspects.

Following these discussions and collaborative reflections, the solution or multiple options are outlined, accompanied by recommendations that are always substantiated with a comprehensive presentation of their underlying principles. This approach ensures that the client retains complete decision-making autonomy, equipped with all the pertinent data at their disposal.

At this stage, the firm's extensive expertise enables it, without any concession to legal rigour and security, to offer creative or even daring treatment options, while remaining attuned to the client's expectations and constraints when confronted with the necessity of a restructuring plan.
The in-depth analysis of the company's project and, if necessary, its clarification is therefore an essential step in the success of restructuring procedures. The firm then assists its clients in the preparation and drafting of all the documents required by the procedure until its completion. It supports its clients throughout the entire process, especially when navigating interactions with experts from representative bodies and the DREETS (Regional Directorates for Enterprises, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour, and Employment). Reactivity, vigilance, and availability define the core principles upheld by the highly experienced lawyers within the firm who provide dedicated support during restructuring operations.
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