Our expertise

Hygiene, health, and safety at work

Within the 'HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK' section of the French Labour Code, more than 700 provisions exist, some of which carry legal consequences if violated.

Recognising the significance of employee health and safety, AGUERA AVOCATS' specialized lawyers have cultivated a deep expertise in assisting employers who prioritise the well-being of their workforce, ensuring diligent monitoring and compliance with these specific regulations.

Our firm provides comprehensive guidance to companies on the implementation of effective risk prevention policies and actions that align with regulatory requirements.

AGUERA AVOCATS offer assistance in developing the Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document or reviewing the existing DUERP (Risk Assessment Document), providing tailored recommendations based on the company's specific operations and prescribed prevention measures.

Our team conducts occupational health and safety audits to assess the effectiveness of prevention measures and verify the adequacy of evidence presented by the company to demonstrate compliance with its legal safety obligations. For example, we can examine the appropriateness of the training programs offered, both in terms of job-specific skills and safety measures, as well as the effectiveness of information provided to workers regarding occupational hazards and methods to safeguard themselves, so that we can make possible useful recommendations.
AGUERA AVOCATS assists its clients in the prevention of risks, in responding to the observations of the supervisory authorities and in the context of proposed transactions, in the following matters:
  • The design and use of workplaces, their layout (ventilation, sanitation, lighting, hygiene, thermal environment, workstation layout, fire or explosion risk, evacuation)
  • Work equipment (design and use rules, maintenance of production tools) and means of protection
  • Risks of exposure: to chemical risks, to dangerous chemical agents that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction, to biological agents, to noise or mechanical vibrations; to radiation (radiation protection or electromagnetic fields) or to asbestos, to risks in hyperbaric or pyrotechnic environments
  • Risks related to certain activities or operations: work carried out by an external company or in a basic or classified nuclear installation, building and civil engineering work (GCP/SSHP/HSC), handling loads or working on lifting equipment, etc.
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