Our expertise

Unfair Competition

Restrictive competition practices

AGUERA AVOCATS' deep understanding of economic culture and its expertise in regulations governing commercial relations between economic entities serve as valuable assets for its expert lawyers specialising in competition law. These assets enable them to effectively handle specific disputes related to restrictive competition practices, including:
  • The sudden termination of established commercial relationships: anticipating disputes through a personalised analysis of the relationship at risk, negotiating and drafting transactional protocols to address the consequences of the termination, and managing litigation as either the plaintiff or the defendant
  • Significant imbalance between suppliers and distributors: analysis of contracts and advice on negotiation in the light of the civil law rules resulting from the reform of contract law and commercial law, management of disputes.

Unfair competition

Respect for the principle of freedom of trade and industry and free competition is guaranteed if it is supervised.

Unfair competition is defined as commercial practices that are contrary to law and custom:
  • Wrongful dismissal of employees
  • Breach of non-competition clause
  • Improper canvassing of customers
  • Disparagement
  • Parasitism
  • Counterfeiting
AGUERA AVOCATS assists you in setting up suitable procedures to protect your company against these unfair practices (non-competition clauses, protection of confidential information, non-solicitation of clients).

With its expertise in litigation, it is capable of taking action to secure investigative measures 'in futurum' to establish evidence of unfair conduct and seek compensation for any resulting damages.
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