Our expertise

Remuneration & employee savings

AGUERA AVOCATS's team of specialised lawyers provides guidance to companies in formulating and implementing their individual and collective compensation policies, aiming to create an appealing and motivating environment that fosters loyalty among both managers and employees.

With expertise spanning employee savings and retirement plans, AGUERA AVOCATS assists clients in selecting the most suitable systems for their specific context, considering a comprehensive legal, economic, and social perspective while pursuing shared objectives.

AGUERA AVOCATS provides comprehensive support to companies in restructuring their individual compensation systems, including variable remuneration, bonuses, and more. For instance, we aid companies in crafting objective-setting letters and endorsements that avoid ambiguous language, establish attainable goals, and introduce clear and transparent calculation methods.

Leveraging our experience 'on the bar', AGUERA AVOCATS proactively anticipates potential disputes and guides companies towards optimal solutions, considering their specific industry and the employee's position. Additionally, we assist clients in conducting mandatory annual negotiations pertaining to remuneration, working hours, and the equitable distribution of value creation. AGUERA AVOCATS offers valuable support in facilitating and formalising negotiations with social partners, contributing to their successful outcomes.
Additionally, AGUERA AVOCATS provides expert guidance to companies seeking viable solutions for the remuneration of their managers.
AGUERA AVOCATS undertakes the drafting of profit-sharing and incentive agreements, company savings plans (including PEI), stock option plans, and retirement savings schemes.

Additionally, it actively encourages companies to explore the possibility of providing supplementary profit-sharing and incentive payments.

AGUERA AVOCATS offers assistance in negotiating these employee savings schemes with trade unions, as well as providing support in the information and consultation procedures of the Social and Economic Committee, where applicable.

With its extensive expertise and experience, the company serves as a valuable partner to companies, particularly during the establishment or renegotiation of their savings schemes.

Furthermore, AGUERA AVOCATS provides support to companies during transfer and restructuring operations (including analysing the fate of existing schemes and assisting in negotiations to harmonise such schemes).

AGUERA AVOCATS has developed specific expertise in this field, combined with skills in the area of URSSAF audits, which enables it to offer 'tailor-made' assistance and to provide its clients with operational and innovative solutions that are legally secure. 
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