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A law firm specialised in labour law, social security law, criminal labour law and commercial law, providing dedicated services exclusively to companies, associations, and public or private organisations.

As pioneers in the field of corporate defence, our team of legal professionals comprises passionate individuals, both men and women, who are experts in the realm of law. We are dedicated to actively listening to your needs, providing support, and guiding you through every step.

Our firm

Since its establishment in 1984, AGUERA AVOCATS has remained steadfastly committed to providing exclusive legal advice and defence services to companies. Today it comprises a team of 18 partners and 26 highly skilled associates specialising in employment law. With offices in Lyon and Paris, we possess the capability to handle intricate legal matters across France.

At AGUERA AVOCATS, we firmly believe that a lawyer's role extends beyond theoretical expertise, emphasising the value of incorporating the collective experiences of all stakeholders involved in a case. A lawyer's role transcends that of a mere problem solver, as their primary focus is to safeguard their clients from potential future disputes by offering guidance within a strictly legal and ethical framework.

Since 2019, ADALTYS and AGUERA AVOCATS have joined forces to navigate the changing landscape of the legal world, embracing aspects such as multidisciplinarity, digital advancements, international growth, and interprofessional collaboration. Together, they have committed to working in synergy to address these challenges while steadfastly prioritising the satisfaction of the entrusted interests.

The partnership between Aguera Avocats and French Tech Paris-Saclay strengthens the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Aguera Avocats brings its legal expertise to start-ups and scaleups, supporting their growth and regulatory compliance. Together, they promote innovation and foster the success of technology companies in the region, helping to strengthen Paris-Saclay's position as a leading innovation hub.

Our lawyers

With a team comprising 18 partners and 26 associates, our firm embodies a unified philosophy. 

Are you looking for a specialist lawyer who is attentive, passionate, dedicated, and responsive? We provide the convenience of a dedicated point of contact who will cater to your needs.

Are you seeking legal assistance for a complex case involving multiple facets of employment law? We bring together a team of experienced experts.

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The firm's lawyers design and run professional training courses in employment law and criminal law adapted to the needs of their clients.

Thanks to its own training organisation, AGUERA AVOCATS has been organising training sessions appreciated by its clients for many years.

The firm's lawyers also regularly participate in conferences and courses (Universities, Bar Association, School for Lawyers).







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In line with current events, Aguera Avocats will be there to support you and offer an expert perspective on pressing matters.

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De l’assurance en faute inexcusable

Published on : 02/05/2024 02 May May 05 2024 15h00 15 00
De l’assurance en faute inexcusable
1°/ Par principe, chacun est responsable de sa faute sur son patrimoine personnel. En matière de faute inexcusable, il n’en est pas autrement....

Violation de la clause de non-concurrence = perte définitive de la contrepartie pécuniaire

Published on : 26/04/2024 26 April Apr 04 2024 09h44 09 44
Violation de la clause de non-concurrence = perte définitive de la contrepartie pécuniaire
La Cour de cassation par un arrêt du 24 janvier 2024 (cass.soc. 24 janvier 2024, n°22-20.926) vient préciser de manière explicite une règle qui rés...

Droit disciplinaire et vie privée du salarié

Published on : 19/04/2024 19 April Apr 04 2024 12h08 12 08
Droit disciplinaire et vie privée du salarié
De récentes décisions de la Cour de cassation nous donnent l’occasion de préciser dans quelle mesure un employeur peut licencier un salarié pour de...
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